Christ is the Son of God, sent to bring Salvation and eternal life to the world which is in chaos.

The International Community of the Divine Savior - Lay Salvatorians, Philippines

The Gift of Love

TaraiGiftGiving-00 The Lay Salvatorians, in their committed dedication to their apostolate work, continue to give gifts of love to some 200 beneficiaries from Manila and Tara, Pangasinan.

The endeavor started on a small scale in 2005, which benefitted only some 100 financially challenged children, was done in collaboration with the Salvatorian Pastoral Care for Children (SPCC). In 2010, the apostolate reached out to the poor and needy brethren in Pangasinan in partnership with the Salvatorian Sisters.

TaraiGiftGiving-01 TaraiGiftGiving-04 The activity, which included a short program, storytelling and games, was held at Tara, Pangasinan. 

The event was highly and eagerly awaited by the young ones who were made to feel that they were cared for and loved, despite their status in life. The Lay also felt happy with being able to reach out and help others.

TaraiGiftGiving-03 TaraiGiftGiving-02 With the benevolence of donors, gifts - slippers, clothes, towels, food, chocolates and candies etc., were distributed among the children who welcomed the packages with bright smiles and happy hearts. The act of kindness was a beacon of hope to the weary, and an assurance of God’s love through the works of the faithful.