Christ is the Son of God, sent to bring Salvation and eternal life to the world which is in chaos.

About Us

About the Lay Salvatorians in the Philippines

The Lay Salvatorian Program in the Philippines was established and formalized in 2003 by the Sisters of the Divine Savior, Philippine Region. Originally developed and sponsored by the North American Province of the Society of the Divine Savior and later joined by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Savior, it has spread out across many countries worldwide.


Statement of Purpose

The idea behind the Lay Salvatorians, Philippines is the exploration and living out of the Gospel demands by all ways and means; through ministering in the workplace, in homes and parishes; servicing within the community; spreading God’s love, exhibiting leadership to inspire and lead others to spread the Gospel Message among our fellowmen and joining actively in the special occasions  and celebrations in the community.
Based on the teachings of Fr. Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan, founder of the Lay Salvatorians, it is everyone’s mission to “make the Savior more widely known and spread His love and grace to the world” and to be men and women of faith, living by faith and trust in the Lord. who was the center and reason of all Salvatorian work.

The Formation Process

The formation process begins with an orientation, a “First Come and See” program to give the potential member an overview of the Lay Salvatorians are and the work that they involve themselves in, and once decided, the new entrant undergoes monthly regular  Liturgy sessions facilitated by the assigned Lay where  formation modules of the program are discussed. There are also   individual conferences with the spiritual directors.. These modules include the following:
  • Module 1 –     Salvatorian Journeys
  • Module 2 –     Salvatorian Charism
  • Module 3 –     Community
  • Module 4 –     Salvatorian Community
  • Module 5 –      Salvatorian History
  • Module 6 –    Ministry and Salvatorian Mission
  • Module 7 –      Jesus the Savior
  • Module 8 –      Prayer
  • Module 9 –      Gospel Call and Evangelical Virtues: Obedience, Poverty
  • and Chastity
  • Module 10–    Ministering  As Salvatorian
  • Module 11–     Preferential Option for the Poor
  • Module 12–     The Eucharist in SDS Life
  • Module 13–     Lifestyle & Commitment as a Salvatorian

The Members

The Lay Salvatorians are individuals who have committed themselves to the Salvatorian mission and charism and to working together with the SDS.  They come from all walks of life; some are parents, business people, office and social workers, volunteers, of different status, ages and orientations. They are individuals who have come together for one purpose, to look for an open and fuller expression of their Christianity. Their mission work also varies, depending on their experiences, talents and potentials, the needs of the community or the calling they receive from God. But always, their ministry lies in living a life of service, and a life of faithful commitment.

Ministry and Profile of Members

Anna Esguerra acts as the lead person in the worship activity Block Rosary in her parish, and is engaged in small business as she tends to her sari-sari store and takes care of her elderly parents and younger siblings while Maricel Rosadino conducts Catechism classes for the children and the youth in the parish. She also manages the drug store business of their family.
Gaudiosa Castro has three children and whose husband works abroad is active in church activities in her locality.
Josefina Flores, an experienced trainer is a volunteer in her parish while she works as staff in the Philippine Congress and does consultancy work in private offices.
Both Cherrylene Girado and Luela Villagarcia are social workers who work for a non- government organization concerned with the welfare of OFWs and their families.
Betty Tan, who is now in the US, involved herself in parish work by serving as lector / commentator in church service and was the former Coordinator of the Lay Salvatorians, Christoper Rojas, at present the sole male member, works as technical staff in an NGO. Cecille Boyles works for a private company and does her ministry at Don Bosco. Luz Malibiran, an Executive Director of the NGO Community Organization on Multi-Diversity is also active in apostolate work.
Jane Howard, one of the pioneer Lay Salvatorians, is also a social worker, and Josefina Fernando, is a Coordinator in their parish and a working mother.

The members of the Lay Salvatorians, Philippines attend and participate in various occasions and feasts day celebrated by the congregation.
Some of the  Lay Salvatorians are also taking part in the read aloud program of the Salvatorian Pastoral Care for Children, an NGO run by the Sisters of the Divine Saviour based in New Manila.
The Lay Salvatorians, Philippines have also conducted Gift- Giving Programs for the poor children of the urban communities in collaboration with the Salvatorian Sisters, given special support for children’s education and have done various parish apostolate work. And as they continue to grow in their spirituality, they seek more way and means to give special meaning to their faith, their life, and the life of others.