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The Lay Salvatorians, Philippines Structure

Being an independent entity, they have elected amongst themselves Officers and Formators to carry on the structural and development process of becoming a Lay Salvatorian..

Currently, the Coordinator is Gaudiosa Castro, Secretary: Cherrylene G. Girado, Treasurer: Annaliza Esguerra and Auditor: Josefina Flores. The formators are Luela Villagarcia, a former Salvatorian nun, Luz Malibiran and Josie Flores. They organize and facilitate the monthly sessions for the new entrants and serve as beacons for the new entrants to rely on.

The Spiritual formators, Fr. Wojciech Juraszek, SDS who has since gone back to missionary work in Europe,  Fr. Chris Kowalczyk, SDS and Sr. Irma Caumeran, SDS  provide support and guidance to the Lay Salvatorians, Philippines activities and programs.  Together they lend patient and loving assistance to the members while also serving as firm foundations for their commitment to the service.