Christ is the Son of God, sent to bring Salvation and eternal life to the world which is in chaos.


The Bible as God's Word

lay-sds-2With the quietude of the 11th Street, New Manila, Quezon City as backdrop of the regular Lay Salvatorian session, Fr. Christopher Kowalczyk, SDS expounded on what the Bible is, its importance, raised facts and cleared myths about the Scriptures on July 1, 2012.

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Answering the Filipino Migrant’s Call for Help

The Philippines is one of the topmost exporters of human labor, treated as prime commodities. The Filipino Diaspora is a diverse group of OFWs composed of thousands. Of this make-up, 3.73 million or 42% are permanent residents, 4.27 million or 48% have temporary work contracts while an alarming 10% or almost 850,000 are undocumented migrants, according to POEA data of 2009. At present, there is an estimated 8.9 million or roughly 10% of the population, who are OFWs in 197 countries around the globe and work as laborers, factory workers, service workers, healthcare workers, professional and clerical employees, entertainers, seafarers or domestics.

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Lenten Recollection and Renewal of Commitment

In a simple mass celebration officiated by Fr. Christopher Kowalczyk, SDS, a Recollection and Renewal of Commitment of six Lay Salvatorians was held in the SDS convent at New Manila last March 28, 2010. Also there to witness the event were several Salvatorian Sisters.

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